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Remote Deposit Capture: Save time, save money and improve cash flow

With Northern Trust's Remote Deposit Capture service you can make deposits to your Northern Trust account without leaving your office. Simply scan and transmit check images for deposit to your Northern Trust checking account using only a computer, a check scanner, a Web browser and access to the Internet. Our Remote Capture Service is an SSL secured, efficient way to reduce the administrative costs of depositing checks.

3 Easy Steps:

  1. Log on to the SSL secured Northern Trust Remote Deposit Capture Web site.
  2. Feed your checks for deposit through the check scanner, up to 100 checks per batch, to scan the front and back of each item; review the scanned items online.
  3. Transmit the images for deposit to your Northern Trust checking account.
    • Automatic balance controls verify that the amount entered equals the amount of the deposited items.
    • Check images can be stored for long-term reference, and information can be downloaded directly into many accounting software programs.

Save time
No more trips to the bank to deposit checks.

Save money
Eliminate courier fees and perhaps reduce the number of depository relationships you maintain.

Tighten management control
Supervisors can review images and deposit information before transmission, establish approvals and centralize deposit processing for multiple locations. 

Improve cash flow
Transmit checks for deposit from anywhere, at any time, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Deposits transmitted to the bank after bank business hours or on bank non-business days will be deposited into your account the next bank business day.


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