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Discover the benefits that a century of fiduciary experience can deliver to your family

Northern Trust has served generations of highly affluent families as fiduciary for their estates and trusts. As a result, Northern Trust has developed deep expertise in fiduciary oversight.

Rely on our experience and execution, our expert staff take pride in executing your trustee, company and administration requirements.

Services include:

  • Accurate, efficient trust operations
  • Maintaining asset titles and inventory (custody)
  • Provision of trustee services, in accordance with the governing trust deed
  • Reviewing, maintaining and protecting the trust by fulfilling all duties in line with the Trust Deed
  • Company administration  
  • Expertise in selection and oversight of multiple managers
  • Ongoing auditing and regulatory compliance
  • Proactive working relationships with family advisors
  • Completion and submission of appropriate company and trust tax returns
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Managing marketable and closely-held assets
  • Exercising of discretion on behalf of beneficiaries
  • Foundation management
  • Investment management consistent with our fiduciary duties
  • Investment compliance
  • Management of building, content, vehicle and employee insurance

Our team:

  • Meets with families and advisors to understand their needs
  • Structures asset holdings in order to meet those needs
  • Manages liquidity to ensure  the structure operates efficiently

We offer these services in multiple locations, and are attuned to the offshore needs of our clients. We are one of the largest providers of trust services in Guernsey and offer a comprehensive range of offshore services to our families.

Lesley Hodgson

Lesley Hodgson

Director, Middle East Client Development, Global Family and Private Investment Office Group EMEA
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Lesley Hodgson

Lesley Hodgson

Director, Middle East Client Development, Global Family and Private Investment Office Group EMEA

Lesley started her career with the Treasury of Royal Bank of Scotland before joining Northern Trust’s asset management business in 1995 to establish a portfolio management capability outside of the United States. After the successful establishment of this function she then worked with international clients on their global investment and securities lending needs.

She specialises in working with ultra-high net worth global families and their advisors on a vast range of different aspects to managing family wealth. She works with some of the leading global experts on tax and legal matters with special attention on establishing trusts, Private Trust Companies (PTCs) and Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs). Her experience includes helping families establish efficiency, governance and succession planning within family businesses, property, art and landed estates. She has been instrumental in the establishment of new family offices as well as providing ongoing strategic solutions to those with long standing offices.

Lesley has a M.A. degree with Honours in Accountancy and Economics, from the University of Dundee, Scotland, and is IMC qualified.


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