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Portfolios containing private equity and other alternative investments require expertise that understands these investments from a variety of perspectives; asset management, administration and servicing.

We unite our expertise with industry-leading products and tools to enable better decisions and results.  Whatever you require, we are dedicated to supporting you with solutions that meet your immediate and long-term private equity needs.

You can benefit from our;

  • Strong partnerships with the industry’s leading, long established private equity firms, as well as more recent boutique firms.
  • Combination of proprietary expertise and innovative tools.


Private Monitor brings a variety of features to assist you with administrative tasks, activity tracking, liquidity analysis, and performance and risk management services.  Focus on investing while Northern’s experienced team manages your data and administration needs.


Monitor your private equity portfolio through advanced data capture, sophisticated performance analytics and risk reporting.

  • Extensive multi-currency support and a robust calculation engine deliver accurate performance analytics and a variety of value-added calculations.
  • Various levels of benchmarking are available.
  • Offload the difficult task of tracking the underlying portfolio holdings in a way that provides a high degree of consistency and data integrity.
  • Commitment tracking and reporting.


Understand scenarios of future portfolio behavior based upon observed historic behavior and market influences.

  • Observe likely ranges of takedown and distribution behavior.
  • Create custom scenarios by varying expected speeds and return levels.
  • Determine likely future allocation levels.
  • Test hypothetical future commitments.

Depending on your needs, Northern Trust can provide stand-alone services or a total solution, combining exceptional client service with comprehensive solutions.

Jon Dunham

Jon Dunham

Senior Vice President, Corporate and Institutional Services
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Jon Dunham

Jon Dunham

Senior Vice President, Corporate and Institutional Services

Jon Dunham is a Senior Vice President in the Corporate & Institutional Group at Northern Trust - Chicago. He joined Northern Trust in March 2008 as Head of North American Asset Servicing Sales for institutional clients.

Jon is responsible for managing a diverse institutional sales team located in Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, and Toronto, covering the public fund, Taft-Hartley, not-for-profit, large corporate, insurance, investment manager, multinational, and middle market segments. Jon's focus is solutions-based new business development. He is an industry veteran, with over 20 years' experience in client service and business and product development.

Prior to joining Northern Trust, Jon served in various executive and lead business development roles at Bank of New York Mellon Corporation. Most recently, he served as National Sales and Marketing Director for the asset servicing sector. Before that, Jon held several senior positions in market segment sales, new business development, and product management.

Jon attended the University of Pittsburgh and began his career in management and sales for a retail consumer goods firm. Jon currently participates on several national organizations that focus on the financial services industry.


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