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Take on the challenges of trading in global markets. With 24/5 follow-the-sun brokerage desks in Sydney, London and Chicago and access to 82 global markets, our intelligent brokerage and outsourced trading solutions are built around your needs.

  • Access greater liquidity and minimize trading costs through our solutions-oriented approach
  • Diversify your counterparty exposure and work with us to help manage risk
  • Customize your trading strategy to help achieve your objectives
  • Engage our traders and experts to refine your execution strategy
  • Gain confidence by working with a trusted financial institution recognized for its strong balance sheet, capital ratios and rigorous risk management practices

Agency Broker Model

We are an agency broker, executing only on client instruction. We do not engage in proprietary trading or investment banking, limiting the potential for conflicts of interest. We are fully aligned with your investment objectives.

Transparent and Quality Trade Execution

Achieve quality trading execution, objective routing and measurable results when you partner with Northern Trust. We'll help you access more liquidity, while delivering competitive execution prices in real time.

Stringent regulatory requirements call for transparent reporting. You can access reports that provide industry, sector and trade-date level details of your trading, in line with regulatory requirements.

Integrated Trading Solutions

Ease the burden and overhead expense of trading through our suite of outsourced trading services. Whether you're trading in equities, fixed income, ETFs and AIM stocks, Integrated Trading Solutions allow you to outsource the entire lifecycle of the trade so you can focus on your core business and achieve cost synergies.

Draw on Northern Trust's strengths to gain:

  • High touch execution on an agency basis, constantly endeavoring to align ourselves with your interests
  • Access to a multi-source network based on longstanding and trusted relationships
  • Integrated middle- and back-office processing, matching and settlement
  • Transparent reporting that meets regulatory requirements and offers you peace of mind
  • A deep bench of industry expertise working to support your goals
  • A seamless onboarding process

Actionable Investment Ideas

We think about investment ideas differently. We think laterally about change and identify investible ideas that are easy to understand and easy to act on. We make recommendations – buy or sell, never hold – to generate alpha.

Our ethos is to generate ideas that will help make money for clients, or at least make them think.

Contact us to hear about our ideas.

<a name="grant">&nbsp;</a>Grant Johnsey

 Grant Johnsey

Head of Institutional Brokerage, North America, Northern Trust Capital Markets
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<a name="grant">&nbsp;</a>Grant Johnsey

 Grant Johnsey

Head of Institutional Brokerage, North America, Northern Trust Capital Markets

Grant Johnsey is a Senior Vice President at Northern Trust. He joined Northern Trust in 2004 as the transition strategist for North America-based clients. His responsibilities include communicating with the consultant community on the Transition Management product and working with clients to understand their goals and devise the optimal strategy to achieve them.

Prior to joining Northern Trust, Mr. Johnsey spent over five years in the institutional brokerage industry. Most recently, he served as director of portfolio trading for Capital Institutional Services. Part of the responsibilities of this position were to develop and grow their transition management business.

He received a B.S. degree from Trinity University and holds Series 7, 9, 10, 24, 55 and 63 Licenses.



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