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Point of View
Investment insights, trend analysis and timely commentary from our investment experts.

Capital Market Assumptions

Read Northern Trust's five-year return forecasts for asset classes across the fixed income, equity, real asset and alternatives spectrum.

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Featured Research


Factor Investing: Put Risk to Work in Your Favor

Did you know? Factors drove nearly all excess returns over the past 50 years. Learn more about factor basics, improving factor efficiency, and the advantages of the quality factor.

Investment Capabilities


Multi-Asset Class Strategies

Multi-asset class strategies may help scale your practice, minimize fiduciary risk and strengthen clients' portfolios with a defined investment process. Learn more about our risk-based and goals based solutions here.

Small Cap Core

Take a closer look at Northern Small Cap Core Fund (NSGRX) to see how it can add value to client portfolios and help manage small-cap volatility.

"Best-in-Class" ESG: To a Higher Level

For investors looking to take their sustainability investing a step further, a "best-in-class" environmental, social and governance (ESG) approach could offer an answer.

Commentary & Insights


Global Investment Outlook 2018

Global growth continues with low rates and controlled inflation.

Economic Commentary

    Changing Climate

    • Changing Climate
    • Considering Oil Alternatives
    • Raising Pay Without Raising Wages