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The vision and mission of Northern Trust’s Procurement team is to optimize the company’s performance in relation to the purchase of software, goods, and services. Through the Northern Trust key principles, Integrity, Service, and Expertise, we will partner with the supply base to deliver the highest quality products in a cost effective and efficient manner. It is important that we develop strong relationships with our partners and suppliers to innovate and create value opportunities. We will Achieve Greater, together.”
-Kevin Oakes, Senior Vice President of Procurement

Supplier Code of Conduct

Northern Trust’s Supplier Code of Conduct contains the requirements and standards for all suppliers doing business with Northern Trust. Inclusive of both products and services provided, the Code of Conduct sets the expectations and requirements for all suppliers doing business with Northern Trust with regard to human rights and labor, health and safety, environmental practices, monitoring/compliance, and ethical business conduct.

Supplier Guidelines

Northern Trust has the following core expectations of all of its suppliers:

  • evidence of the capability to provide the highest quality goods and/or services
  • commitment to mutually agreed service standards
  • sufficient financial resources to be a reliable and consistent provider
  • adherence to the law and regulations in all regards
  • compliance with Northern Trust's centralized procurement program and its standards
Northern Trust’s Supplier Code of Conduct

Invoicing Guidelines

Northern Trust’s Invoicing Guidelines establish the framework for required information to be included on every invoice submitted. Northern requires its suppliers to adhere to the guidelines in order to ensure payment can be executed on a timely basis.
Northern Trust’s Invoicing Guidelines

Vendor Travel Policy

Northern Trust’s Vendor Travel Policy contains all approved business travel guidelines, behaviors, or requirements and identifies the circumstances under which business travel related expenses are deemed reimbursable by Northern Trust.
Northern Trust’s Vendor Travel Policy

Kevin Oakes

Kevin Oakes

Senior Vice President, Procurement

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